Let’s Stop Robbing our Own Future

of Natural Resources

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.”

According to a United Nations study, the degradation of our planet’s natural resources by humans is rapidly outpacing its ability to cope with the damage.

The study, which involved 1,203 scientists, hundreds of scientific institutions and more than 160 governments brought together by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), concludes that without radical action the level of prosperity that millions of people in the developed world count on will be impossible to maintain or extend to poorer countries.

The search for alternative fuels is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces today.

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Converting Agricultural Waste into Alternative Fuel

A Sustainable Future

At Tamu, our objectives are intrinsically linked to the language of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. We are passionate about driving impact to the benefit of the environment, economy, and society.

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The World of Biomass

Contributing to the Energy Economy

Tamuwa specialises in technology that converts sugarcane bagasse into reusable, high quality energy briquettes and pellets for our customers looking for a sustainable alternate energy solution.

We continue to build a centre of expertise with research into the thermal properties of this form of bioenergy…

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