Our Premium Briquettes & Pellets

“The delicate ecological
balance of the planet is
at stake. ”

Tamuwa processes agricultural biomass waste into briquettes and pellets providing an eco-
nomically viable renewable energy source. Our briquettes and pellets are alternative fuel sources of consistently high quality that provide a greater thermal efficiency than wood fuels and are a significantly more sustainable, long term energy solution than traditional wood and charcoal.

Explore these benefits associated with the use of Tamuwa’s premium briquettes and pellets:

  • They are renewable, sustainable and represent a fit for purpose energy source as a replacement to burning coal, wood, charcoal and with the retro fitting of equipment represent a low carbon alternate to the use of heavy fuel oil.
  • When burnt, they are carbon-neutral.
  • They represent a zero waste use of agricultural by-products being a second-generation biofuel that neither competes with food crops or endangers existing forest coverage.

As an alternate sustainable fuel source, the use of briquettes has a significant positive impact on deforestation, environment degradation and a positive impact on the threat of climate change.